Defenders Gateway

What is Defenders Gateway?

Defenders Gateway™ is a single source, downloadable application that serves as a conduit between the Defender and those businesses and organizations that want to provide exclusive SAVINGS, SERVICES and SHARING with those that are serving or have served their country and communities. This we do on behalf of a grateful Nation:

SAVINGS: We identify those businesses and organizations in the United States (our Gateway Partners) that want to recognize the Defender’s service to our country and community by providing discounts on their products and services.

SERVICES: Gateway Partners provide service offerings such as educational benefits and scholarships, job openings, free or discounted meals, coupons and numerous other specials provided exclusively for our Defender members of our Gateway App.

SHARING: With our Gateway Partners we facilitate incredible value from health and wellness providers in the form of health education, crisis support, counseling and numerous support organizations that give direct access, to their programs. Defenders Gateway sets the example for giving back as we contribute 10% of net profit from Defenders Gateway to military and 1st responders support organizations.

Our Mission

To develop a national network of businesses and organizations that recognize our Defenders service by extending discounts and other promotional offerings on products, services, and opportunities that will support and enhance the lives of our Active Military, Veterans, and First Responders.

Defenders Qualifications

Our Defenders must be Active Military (including Reserve Component, National Guard), Military Veteran (honorably discharged or retired), Gold Star family member or a First Reponder (active or veteran Police, Fire, EMT). The status of our Defenders are vetted prior to the issuance of a membership and access to the Defenders Gateway App.

Gateway Partners…A call to ACTION!

Become a Gateway Partner and show your support for our nation’s Defenders by placing your company on the App that guides Active Military, Veterans and First Responders to your store, location or organization.

Defenders Gateway will place your Gateway Location listing in a market that exceeds 40 million consumers, 365 days a year.


Defenders Gateway™ acknowledges the debt of gratitude our nation owes the brave men and women that protect and defend our freedoms, our country, and communities…Our American Way of Life. It is our task to assemble like-minded businesses and organizations, aka our Gateway Partners, across the country that want to demonstrate their GRATITUDE for our Active Military, Veterans, and First Responders.


In recognition of the selfless service, dedication, and sacrifice of these men and women and their families that protect and defend our freedom and safety, we are offering exclusive discounts, product and service offerings, a Jobs Board, as well as health and education resources. These opportunities will be made available to all Defenders via a downloadable app to be launched on or before January 2018.

A Grateful Nation

Defenders Gateway™ was developed to honor our Heroes. In order to do that we must generate and provide our Defenders a national program that reaches out to wherever they reside in America. Therefore, we need to bring on board national franchises, large and small corporations, sole proprietors, not for profit organizations, health and wellness providers…any category of support that satisfies the needs of our Defenders. We have a place for your business on our App.

Benefits and Opportunities

Our Gateway Partners will have access to 40 million Defenders nationwide. Our app provides our Gateway Partners the opportunity to advertise discounted goods, services, events and more. Our Jobs Board offers a means to access highly trained Defenders for your business or organization.

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